Upgrade Options

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In the list below, we've started with our smallest unit and itemized the cost to add each upgrade along with a full package price. Depending on the upgrade you want, the costs may vary depending on the size of the building. For example, adding interior walls on a large building requires more materials and labor, so it costs more for that upgrade. Other upgrades are a standard price across all units. For example, adding a 70AMP/220V Electric Package is essentially the same materials and labor regardless of the size of the building.

21' x 19' Starter Package

399 Sq/Ft   •   Base Price: $44,500

This a finished exterior shell – great for a storage unit and can be upgraded to a finished garage or studio at a later date.
Upgrade options and pricing are listed below.

Add 70AMP/220V Electric Package Upgrade


  • Upgraded plans/permits as required
  • 100amp- 12space interior mounted sub-panel with (4) 20amp/110volt breakers
  • (4) 4' long fluorescent lights with switch near the door
  • basic 52" fan with light and switch near the door
  • exterior porch light with switch near the door
  • (12) total outlets on (3) GFCI protected circuits - 2 installed at the exterior
Run #6 wire in 1" PVC conduit trenched/buried to 18" deep as required
This price includes 60AMP/220v breaker installed in the main panel
Plus 15.00 per linear foot from the main panel to the sub-panel
Run #4 wire in 1&1/4" PVC conduit trenched/buried to 18" deep
Includes 100amp breaker in the main. Landscape/utility repair is not included in this cost. 4' access required or limited access charges may be added.
Plus 20.00 per linear foot
Add 16' x 7' High Basic Garage Door with Opener
Includes 5&1/4" wide x 12" high glulam beam, outlet and low voltage wiring and outlets for the sensors and button, door bucks and Wayne dalton garage door with opener and 2 remotes

Add Insulation/Drywall/Texture/Paint/Mini-split Upgrade


  • upgraded permits/plans as required
  • change from (4) fluorescent lights to (8) can style lights in the ceiling
  • R-39 batt insulation in the roof/R-19 batt insulation in the walls with foam sealant at the door, window, floor and wall penetrations
  • Mask off/cover concrete and clean up and seal after painting
  • 1/2" drywall with tape/hand trowel texture finish
  • Medium grade primer and then paint
  • Standard baseboard and interior door trim
  • 1 ton(12,000btu)/19seer mini-split HVAC unit with electric as needed

Add 5'x5' Room with 1/2 Bath


  • Upgrade plans/permits
  • Frame in and finish with drywall/paint a 5'x5' room in one corner of the room
  • Plumb drains in for the toilet and sink to the edge of the slab closest to the sewerline and plumb clean outs in both directions
  • Plumb waterlines using pex A from a hosebibb/waterline stub at the exterior of the unit to the toilet,sink and instahot and drain vent to the roof
  • Supply/install a 30" wide basic vanity cabinet/counter/sink combo kit
  • Supply/install a dual flush, chair height, elongated bowl basic toilet kit
  • Supply/install a 20amp/110volt instahot water heater under the sink
  • Install a 36" x 6'8" door and trim with bed/bath basic handle
  • Install ventilation fan with vent to the roof and switch at the door
  • Run dedicated circuit for the instahot and a gfci circuit for an outlet at the sink
  • Install a can light in the ceiling and a vanity light above the sink with a switch
  • Install a 24" x 24" mirror at the sink, basic 24" towel rack and a medicine chest
  • Install (2) roof jacks for the vents

Price does not include running sewer or waterline to the building.


Add 3/4" PVC waterline with tracer wire from a water source to the hose bibb buried to 12" deep $200.00 plus 12.00 per liner foot
Add 3" drain line with green tracer wire from the cleanout stub to the sewerline tie-in area $400.00 plus 30.00 per linear foot

Discount if waterline uses the same trench

Prices do not include landscape/utility repair. 4' access required or there may be extra hand dig charges.

$7.00 per linear foot

Upgrade to a 8'x5' Room with Full Bath and Water Heater


  • Upgrade plans/permits
  • Increase the size of the finished bathroom to 8' x 5'
  • Includes all items as stated in the 1/2bath package
  • Add basic fiberglass tub/shower combo unit
  • Add drain line, and plumbing lines for the tub/shower unit
  • Add basic tub/shower valve/tub spout/shower head finished fixtures
  • Upgrade to 40 gallon water heater and 12" high x 21" by 21" frame/drywall water heater stand and metal water heater pan next to the bathroom instead of the Instahot under sink heater
  • Install all plumbing and water heater drain lines to the water heater as required
  • Install 30amp/220volt breaker and all electrical as required to the water heater

Does not include cabinet/covering for the water heater


Add Full Kitchen and a 6' Wide Pantry


  • 6' wide x 8' high x 28" deep frame/drywall pantry with 30"door/handle and shelves on 3 walls
  • IKEA Knoxhult corner kitchen cabinet/counter package to include;
    (3) base cabinets - 72" long, 15" long with 3 drawers and 44" long corner cabinet - all come with basic countertops at 36in high
    (6) wall cabinets - (3) 24"wide x 30"tall x 12"deep, (2) 15"wide x 30"tall x 12" deep and (1) 30"wide x 12"tall x 12"deep over microwave
  • 30"wide x 12" high x 24"deep over fridge cabinet with side cabinet walls around fridge
  • 18" x 15" stainless steel single bowl kitchen sink/faucet combo
  • Basic ceramic top 30" wide electric oven/range and 50amp/220v outlet
  • Over range microwave with fan/light and 20amp/110v outlet
  • 30"wide basic refrigerator with ice maker and 20amp/110v outlet
  • All appliances are stainless steel - cabinets are white easy care finish
  • Drain at sink and hot/cold plumbing as needed
  • (4) outlets above the counters and (1) under the sink on gfci protected circuit
  • (2) additional can lights with switch and switch for under sink outlet

Add Washer/Dryer Package


  • GE white 27"wide washer/dryer laundry center (apartment style)
  • Drain and hot/cold plumbing as needed, dryer vent out the back wall only
  • 30amp/220v outlet for the washer/dryer unit

THIS ENTIRE COMPLETE HOME PACKAGE (no garage door) IS ONLY $84,500.00!

Upgrade to 38' x 19' (722 SQ FT) 1 Bedroom Home Package

Includes all items as stated above in the 21'x19' upgrades list above - the bathroom, washer/dryer and waterheater will be located outside of the kitchen/living areas per plan.

Also includes:

  • Upgrade plans/permits
  • 13' x 12'6" (not including closet or entry areas) bedroom with matching high ceiling - per plan
  • Over the bedroom closet/entry area is a decorative "pot shelf" area with an outlet and accent lighting
  • Over the pantry also is a decorative pot shelf with an outlet/accent lighting
  • (4) can lights and fanlight with switches in the bedroom and can light/switch at the laundry area
  • 3' wide basic built-in shelving between the washer/dryer and water heater
  • 5' wide x 4' high vinyl double pane low-E bedroom window
  • 9' long x 2' wide (interior dimensions) closet with basic shelves in the bedroom
  • 6' wide basic mirrored bypass doors at the closet
  • 3' x 6' 8" bedroom door with handle (ADA compliant)
  • Upgrade to 1.5ton mini split HVAC unit with 2nd air handler in the bedroom


Upgrade to 49' x 19' (931SQ FT) 2 Bed/2 Bath Home Package

Includes all items as stated above in the 21'x19' and 38'x19' upgrades above.

Also includes:

  • Upgrade plans/permits
  • 11' x 10' (not including closet or entry areas) bedroom with matching high ceiling - per plan
  • 4' wide x 4' high matching vinyl window and 2'6" door/handle in the bedroom
  • 7' 6" long x 2' wide (interior dimensions) bedroom closet with basic mirrored bypass doors - decorative pot shelf area above the closet
  • (4) can lights and fanlight with switches in the bedroom
  • Can light/switch at the hall and can light and vanity light/switch in the bath
  • Fan/switch in the bath
  • 6' long x 5' 4" wide (interior dimensions) full bathroom with 2'6" entry door/handle
  • Matching seat height, elongated bowl dual flush toilet
  • 32" x 32" complete glass enclosed shower unit
  • 3' wide complete basic vanity cabinet/counter top/sink unit
  • 2' x 2' mirror and mirrored medicine chest and towel bar in the bathroom
  • All drains/plumbing as needed
  • 5' long x 2' wide coat closet/storage area with 4'bi-fold doors in the hall
  • Kitchen pantry shortened to 5' long (outside dimension) for adequate space
  • Upgrade mini split to a 2.5 ton unit with an additional air handler for the 2nd bedroom


Other Upgrades/Changes

Upgrade to matching (as possible) concrete or S-tile roof with MAT40 underlayment - this is a 40+ year lifespan roof $6.00 per sqft
12" solatube skylight - installed $600.00 each
(Add 200.00 for tile roof installation per skylight)
3'x4' window $600.00
4'x4' window $650.00
5'x4' window $700.00
Option to remove entire kitchen cabinets/counters and appliances - then you can work directly with subcontractors for a custom kitchen package. We will still provide the plumbing and electric as needed -$8,000.00 credit

Add finished patio cover


  • Permits/plans
  • Footings/6"x6"wood posts/glulam beam with all metal bases/connectors
  • 2" wide rafters at 16" on center set on the top plate and on top of the beam
  • 1/2" plywood sheathing and roll roofing with 2" drip edge
  • Finished drywall ceiling and one fan box with switches at the entry door
Plus 20.00 per square foot of roof area


Please refer to the scaled drawings for each design
and the pricing page for the costs