About Us

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Family Owned and Operated

Longliving, LLC dba Smart Structures is owned and operated by Greg Miller and his wife.

Greg has been in the residential construction contracting business in Tucson for over 35 years. His experience in construction ranges from custom homes to swimming pools. After building and selling a multi-million dollar business, he decided to get back to his roots and start another new business in the construction of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADRs), garages and storage buildings.

We keep our prices affordable by streamlining our process. We offer a selection of options the will suit most people's needs, and by keeping with this limited scope of options we reuse plans that have already been engineer-approved and have cleared permitting. Our employees know and understand exactly what needs to be done because they've done it before, and materials ordering and mobilization is streamlined. All this makes the whole process much more efficient, and we pass that savings on to you.

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