Our Process Saves You Money

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Here is a general overview of the process for getting your new guesthome built:

Building Permits

Our plans have already been approved for other projects, however every project will require it's own permits. This process will usually be taken care of in the first 4-8 weeks. If you have an HOA, we can provide you the necessary documentation to submit for approval as well.

Once the building permits are acquired, we can typically complete your project in 90 days or less once we break ground.

Site Prep and Inspection

Once permits are acquired we can begin site preparation. Trenches for plumbing and power lines are dug and framing for the foundation is set up. Once this is done we will have our first city/county inspection.

Slab Pour and Framing

The finished concrete floor, with rebar reinforcing and full exterior footings will be poured, then the framing, roof and wall sheathing will be completed before the next inspection occurs.

Roof/Lathing/Rough Plumbing & Electrical

The door and window(s) are added, rough plumbing and electrical (if ordered) is completed, and the roof and lathing will be completed to get ready for the intermediate inspection.

If you ordered a garage/storage unit, all that remains is installing the synthetic stucco (dryvit) finish and garage door!

Finishing Your Project

The unit is sealed and insulated prior to another inspection. Then the exterior scratch coat of stucco and colored dryvit finish applied, and then drywall can be completed on the interior.

Next, we texture and paint the walls and ceilings. Then the doors, cabinets and trim (baseboard) are installed. Lastly, the electric fixtures/lights and the plumbing fixtures/sinks and appliances are installed. We are now ready for the final inspection.

All that remains is to clean up all our mess and make sure everything is working properly for you. We will have been cleaning up/hauling away trash as we go along, but there is always more to clean as work keeps progressing. Congratulations, you are done!