Our Cost-Saving Concept

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We save you dollars by making sense.

We are striving to make the purchasing and construction of an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit), garage/storage unit or complete house the easiest and it can possibly be by offering a line of affordable production housing units starting with a garage/studio model that is 21ft x 19ft (399 sq ft) up to a 2bd/2ba complete house that is 49ft x 23ft (1,127sq ft). There are 3 sizes that are 19ft wide and 3 sizes that are 23ft wide built from model plans with very limited design options. If you are looking for a sturdy, efficient housing unit built by a reputable contractor with warranties, then we are the right choice for you.

We are able to offer these efficient, long lasting units for unbeatably low prices because;

By standardizing the design of our buildings, we are saving you time, stress and lots of money compared to the hassle of a custom build.
These units are all built using a simple cathedral ceiling/gable end design with 12 inch rafters. This makes for a low cost, very strong, long lasting, energy efficient and easy-to-build unit. The ceilings that start at 9 feet and slope up to 11 feet at the peak give the units a spacious open feel.
The units are built using standard, readily available cabinets, countertops, appliances and fixtures that are in stock and able to be installed quickly and professionally by our trained in-house craftsman. This lowers costs and eliminates wait times due to special orders or needing specialized sub-contractors.
Due to the sensible floor plans, energy efficiency and small sizes, these units can all utilize mini-split HVAC systems that are easier and cheaper to install than traditional central air systems. They are also very energy efficient as well.
By using standard sizing and kitchen/bath designs that use the same materials, we are able to order the majority of the needed materials from big box stores that offer the lowest possible pricing for bulk quantity purchases. This also streamlines material ordering/delivery to save time and speed up the building process. This also lowers waste since we have exact counts of material needed (another cost savings!)
By keeping to the same basic design concept and building the same models over and over again, we are able to use skilled, in-house employees instead of expensive sub-contractors working on their own time schedules - again, this lowers the cost and speeds up the build time.
We own ALL our own equipment and tools. We have an excavator, dump trailer, trucks, compactor, scaffolding and all power and hand tools as needed.
Lastly, by keeping this whole process simple, we eliminated the need for a showroom, construction yard/storage space, architect, engineer, drafting fees or salespeople.